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We are here for our customers

Helping people and companies navigate uncertainty is fundamental to what we do. We want to assure you that we are here to support your specialty insurance needs in these challenging times.  

Covid-19 state notices

American Alternative Insurance Corporation (AAIC) phone numbers:

Reporting Claims & Claims Questions
To report a claim via phone – please have your 16 digit AAIC policy number ready.

If the policy number begins with the letters  3F  or  T6  please contact  Athens Administrators  via phone or email to file a claim.
Athens Administrators: 1-800-677-7896

If you were involved in an incident with an  Emergency Service Vehicle  (ambulance, firetruck, etc)  or the policy begins with  VHH  or  VF  please contact  Glatfelter Claims Service  by phone or email.
Glatfelter Claims: 1-800-233-1957

To file a claim on a  Surety Bond  please contact  Roanoke Claims Service  by phone or email.
Roanoke Claims Service – 1-800-504-1544 ext 1279

If your policy number begins with 2L please contact  NBIS Construction and Transportation Insurance
NBIS Construction: 1-888-567-7285

For any personal auto incidents in Georgia and Texas, OR if the policy number begins with  SGA, or  AMGGA  please call  Blackhawk Claims Service.
Blackhawk Claims Service: 1-800-999-0107

For Catastrophe Claims, call 1-866-220-3505

Please call 1-888-729-2242 for all other Claims Reporting & Claims questions.

To file a claim electronically on an AAIC or Princeton Excess & Surplus Lines (PESLIC) Policy.
(Please include a Police report and/or any other documents when sending)

Claims Reporting Mailbox:

To send in a claim via Fax: 609-243-4558